Jon Hathaway

Technical Trainer IT Visionary Market Leading Solutions Architect

Advising and Community Involvement

The success of any business depends on having the right people and the right culture. Nothing is more important than to ensure the next generation are empowered to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Meeting the need for education in new tech, products and services is really important, which is why I, along with my team at HATech, host the local AWS meetups at the InNEVation Center.

We construct a syllabus, taking our attendees on a journey topic by topic to help them achieve a greater understanding of not just AWS, but DevOps, Cloud and the unlimited capabilities each attendee has as an individual. It’s very rewarding to see them come to every session, soaking up the knowledge! A good number of my customers have been borne from these events - conversations start, relationships build and then the business decides to engage with me on a project - that is very satisfying indeed.

Delivering DevOps Mastery

I am on a mission to bring DevOps mastery to startups and organizations across the country. I bring a wealth of experience and practical advice to cloud technologies and services including Amazon Web Services (AWS), SaltStack, Docker, and more.

Amazon Web Services Meet Up

As the founder of a startup in Las Vegas, I understand the challenges and struggles that young companies endure in the tech space, That's why Amazon chose me to lead their Las Vegas AWS Meet Up.

Every month I share practical, rather than theoretical, real-world solutions to common issues companies may encounter. Since taking over the Meet Up, I've increased attendance and membership. My mastery of Amazon Web Services including Lambda, ec2 instances, CloudFront, and more has attracted Las Vegas' brightest startups to discover the AWS Platform, Products, and Services.


Being a pioneer at heart, and forever 'pushing the envelope' with emerging tech and process, I actively mentor future technology leaders. I am available for both online and in-person mentor sessions to help business owners navigate complex issues faced by emerging technology companies. The world lacks distinct leaders, especially those with integrity that are willing to see others achieve great things. As a mentor, I enjoy watching his mentee's accelerate and believes we should all be striving to see others achieve greater things than we have.

SaltStack Meet Up

I lead a gathering of systems administrators, IT Ops and DevOps Professionals who use SaltStack to automate IT at scale. I've led the team that implemented SaltStack in the world's first cloud based Slot Machine management solution, which led to me being selected as the Las Vegas SaltStack Mentor.

In the SaltStack Meet Up, I show people how to simplify and scale operations teams and how to deploy them around the world. As an early adopter, my experience's have enabled companies to create patterns that support hybrid cloud integrations and self-learning environments across the globe.